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Unlimited Well-Care Plans for One Year!

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How do these plans work? It's simple - pay one price for one year of preventive care for your pet. Then you can bring that pet to the Upper East Side Animal Hospital FOR FREE as many times of you like during the year for the following services: preventive care exams, vaccines, fecals, anal gland expressions, deworming, nail trims and teeth brushing! Our adult plans also include a 20-percent discount on a complete panel of preventive care bloodwork.

Sounds too good to be true? Wondering if there's a catch? Rest assured, it is true and there is no catch. The plans are intended for preventive care only, therefore sick or emergency visits are not included. Other than that, our goal is simply to ensure that we will have the opportunity to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for the long-term health of your pet; participation in one of our preventive care plans enables us to do so. You simply need to be sure to take advantage of the unlimited free services throughout the year!

If you really want to protect your pet "in sickness and in health" enroll your pet in one of our Well-Care Plans for preventive care and purchase Pet Insurance for any illness or emergency. Pet health insurance can help you provide your puppy, kitten, dog or cat the best medical care possible. Trupanion Pet Insurance is an affordable way to help protect your pet and yourself. Please visit their website at for more information or to request a quote.

By the way, since you are going to need to purchase flea/tick and heartworm preventive for your pet, we're going to make that easy and affordable for you, as well. We MATCH online prices for these products and we'll ship them to you AT NO CHARGE!

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