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What takes place during your pet's physical exam?

Abdomen - check for any masses or abnormalities, make sure non-painful on palpation
Ears - check for any masses, ear infection, inflammation
Eyes - check optic nerve, blood vessels, changes to cornea or lens (ex. cataracts)
Genitals - check for any abnormalities
Heart & Lungs - check heart rate, respiratory rate, any changes to lungs (ex. crackles or wheezes). Check for any hart changes (ex. heart murmur or arrhythmia).
Lymphnodes - check for enlargement
Mouth - check for masses or evidence of dental disease, other abnormalities
Musculoskeletal - check for any soft tissue swelling, pain, evidence of arthritis, changes in muscle mass.
Rectal exam - depending on age check prostate and for any masses.
Skin - check for any redness, inflammation, evidence of infection.

Wellness Exams - Do not wait for symptoms – early detection can save your pet's life!

We recommend annual wellness exams for dogs and cats under 7-years of age so we can help maintain their optimal health. Since pets over 7-years of age are considered seniors, their bodies change at a faster rate, so a wellness exam every 6-months is ideal to help keep them healthy and happy. Twenty-percent of lab tests performed during routine check-ups reveal medical conditions that would have gone undetected, such as diabetes, kidney or thyroid disease.


In order for your pet to remain fully protected against potentially harmful diseases, the Berkeley Heights Animal Hospital recommends the following vaccines and diagnostics:

Bordetella - helps to prevent kennel cough
Fecal Test-checks for parasites
Lyme/Heartworm Test
Influenza - Strain #1
Influenza - Strain #2
Physical Exam

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